Fitness Diet

For the start of this Blog I want to pass on a Fitness Diet that honestly was devised by my wife and myself.  Following these guide lines my wife and I both lost a major portion of weight. forskolin tabletki

Since September 1st. 2012, I have lost 35 pounds and my wife has lost 30 pounds. Don’t get me wrong its not all due to the diet, as we have also from that day walked almost 6 days a week about 4 Km. per day.  Let me give the basic of the diet and then talk about the exercise. forskolin tabletki

You can change this diet any way you like and honestly you will basically see that it will still work. Take it slow and easy and as you already know results will vary for each person. forskolin tabletki

On September 1st. We went to the Hotel Zone here at the KM 0 and walked to the KM2 mark and then walked back. By the time we got back we were exhausted and basically wasted for the day. I weighed 195 pounds and she weighed 207.6. As you can see we were not obese but we were over weight.  September 2nd we came back and did the walk again. forskolin tabletki

The next step we took was to look at our daily eating habits. They were not bad, but certainly not good either. She and I  were raised with the mentality of ” Clear your plate! ” pokrzywa indyjska

With that in mind the next move was to learn to eat smaller portions. Some time in that first week we went to Chilis to have a steak dinner that she was craving, ( as a treat because we had each lost more than 3 pounds from just walking). We decided to share that steak and sides. We also each drank diet soda.  So we cut back majorly on the calories that evening but were still full enough and we saved some cash as well.

I’m not sure when the topic came up but my wife had either read or heard that the best method of eating while trying to lose weight was to eat small portions every 2 hours.  Hungry or not you eat, and try to balance it out for the day. So, we started doing this. We also both knew that one of the major issues we had with eating was the carbohydrates. We as most Americans do, eat tooo much of them. So to start we cut them out as completely as we could. No more bread ( toast ) in the AM, no more bread with each meal, no more rice or pasta ( excpet on cheat days and I will get to that shortly.). We also after talking with a Diet Dr. cut out sugar. Including most Fruits. ( Dont worry its not forever, you can still eat them and should. ) Just cut them out to begin with.

So our daily diet was something like this.

6:15am Wake up
6:35am  Eat some sort of protein. For me this was usually a Fried, boiled or scrambled egg.  ( Yes I said Fried  and I will get to that ) Also drink a Big glass of water.
7:15am Start our 4 km walk.
8:00am believe it or not Have Star Bucks Coffee.  ( I dont really like it but the coffee is actually good for you. No sugar though so get used to Splenda or none at all )
10:00am. Eat some sort of small dish of protein. Usually some slices of Ham or maybe some left overs from the night before. Often a can of tuna with a touch of Mayo and or some salsa of some sort.
12 Noon.  Lunch time. This meal is usually a little bigger than the every two hours but still about half of what we ate every day. This is something that you will have to judge by yourself based on your past experiences. This is usually steak or Fish of some sort. You can have vegetables with this meal but remember to keep it a small dish over all.
2:00 pm. Another protein.  Tuna usually comes in here.
4:00 pm. And Another protein.
6:00 pm. And Another. This one is usually best to make a bit larger as for us, it was usually the last meal for the day. Now you can continue to eat every two hours but we found that we went to bed with a full stomach and woke up with one as well and that’s actually a bad thing. If you make this meal about the size of the one for lunch, you won’t go to bed hungry

If you follow this diet and the exercise, I am certain you will drop about 3 to 5 pounds in the first week. Do this for 6 days of the week. One day, chose it as your cheat day and do just that. Cheat with limitations. Cut back on the portions, but have some pasta or some bread or rice. But don’t stuff yourself as you will only lose ground on the weight and that’s frustrating.

The next post will talk about the day after a cheat, The Fried eggs and other topics. Like getting rid of most fat except for Olive oil.